Archive manager do not ask for password while extracting package

I download an online course form a website and extracting the package which required password but Archive manager didn’t ask for password it simple extract it , he problem is i can’t play any videos in that file. I try same thing in debian (ubuntu ) Archive manager ask for password and i can able to play videos in it later i copy the extract file form ubuntu to fedora now it is working .
is it due to any problem/bug with Archive manager

Please which archive is giving you that experience? Pass the URL so that someone else can confirm your situation.

two things …

  1. You just shared a password publicly – no one does that
  2. That’s a rar archive … rar is not open-source, so you will have to install unrar from before you can decompress the archives

Fedora primarily accesses package repositories for open-source software. unrar is not in Fedora’s repository. Install relevant rpmfusion repositories and do:

sudo dnf install unrar


Is this working now?

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yes thank you very much

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Then tick/mark the post that solved the problem so that others can find the solution too

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