Rar files can't be read by the Archiver?


I’m new to fedora (using Budgie Spin). I can’t seem to get the file roller application to show the contents of a .rar file. I installed rar, unrar-free and still can’t get the archive to be read. The terminal says .rar is installed. I can extract rar files using the terminal but for some reason the file roller application still won’t read the file?? What am i missing?

It looks like file roller is using libarchive library.

$ ldd /usr/bin/file-roller | grep libarchive
	libarchive.so.13 => /lib64/libarchive.so.13 (0x00007f92d3552000)

There appear to be several upstream bug reports about that library not handling all types of rar files.

You’ll have to read through those reports to figure out what is going wrong and if their are any known workarounds.

I had an issue with opening rar files in Gnome (some years ago), and my workaround was to install 7z (sudo dnf install p7zip p7zip-plugins) from the Fedora repo, which handled the rar files without any problems.

EDIT: I am unsure, rar is supported in 7z for Fedora. Quoting from Tree - rpms/p7zip - src.fedoraproject.org : “# RAR sources removed since their license is incompatible with the LGPL”. Can’t test right now.

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Thank you all, I replaced the file roller with the Engrampa Archiver which solved the issue. I did notice the Ark Archiver also has the same issue.

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