Anyone else here worried about xorg removal?

You may be able to install a newer kernel. At least with oracle’s rhel clone they had newer supported kernels.

I wont update the stable rpmfusion repos to 555.xx beta, if you want it, use the rawhide packages, see.\bCategoryHowto\b)#Latest.2FBeta_driver

I have a different exit strategy if fedora ditches Xorg.

  1. Dump all my fedora and rpmfusion packages.
  2. Switch to LinuxMint.

I’ll use debian for the time being. Could reconsider fedora when nvidia releases 555.

You can close this thread now. I bought a used 5700 XT so i can use Wayland.

Added xwayland

No the packages will be on COPR or some other repository. Rpmfusion is not a Fedora project, for legal reasons.

Please send an example spreadsheet as I also never had this.