Ansible Flathub repo setup

I am having some trouble automating the setup for my boxes because of the filter that has been applied to the Flathub repo from Fedora’s side.

  1. Enable the third party repos in the welcome screen.
  2. Execute the module community.general.flatpak_remote, which is set to download the Flathub repo.
  3. Execute the Ansible script.
  4. Ansible reports that the Flathub repo has already been enabled (“Nothing to do”).
  5. The script gets to the Flatpaks I want installed and fails with “Nothing matches ”.

Is there any way to make Ansible either force the installation of the packages or remove the filter that has been applied to the Flathub repo by the Fedora team?

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Why not either

  • Not install the fedora flathub repo in the first place
  • Have your ansible script remove the fedora flathub entry before adding the normal one

That filter is more frustrating for new users as well. It causes a lot of confusion when new users enable Third party Repos at the onset, and then have to go to a site to install the same repo that is already installed. Which many new users will not know to do this.

This is a regression. At least in past releases, a user would know explicitly that a repo needs to be installed to have access to third party packages. Going through a process, and wasting time to figure out there is a filter is frustrating.

On the other hand, without such filter we would have an army of people complaining that Fedora is proposing to install proprietary software. Without third party repository, new users complains that Fedora Linux lacks a bunch of software. And anyway, from a new user POV, it is more frustrating to understand how to install a third party repository from scratch, than having a curated filtered list of a set of software, imho.
Well. We need a balance. If I am experienced enough, I could use only DNF, I can compile the software from source, whatever. This doesn’t mean that Fedora should not be easy for new users.
However I’m OT related to @telometto’s question.


I respectfully disagree. The only repos added during initial install “Third party Repo” slider outside of a necessary driver (Nvidia) is flathub, RPMFusion (Google-Chrome, Steam) and a Copr repo for Pycharm ( Which has been the topic of discussion here of late with new users ) . Flathub host both proprietary & free software. The “filter” allows 6 apps ( Zoom, Minecraft, Skype, MS Teams, BitWarden, Postman ) through and effectively blocks comparable FOSS/Open Source software. That is a problem in and of itself.

To me, that’s not advocating for the alternatives.

This is still happening because of the filter !

I completely disagree. Adding repos is a “Point-and-Click” function now. Flathub, RPMFusion both function this way. Find Distro/Release , Click and open with Software Center.

The filter is not balanced. Also, overloading a new user with compile, source, terminal jargon is what has kept new users away for a long time. We have the tools to make this work.

After enabling the third party repositories
flatpak remote-modify --no-filter flathub
flatpak update --appstream


If balanced or not, this decisions are made by the fedora project. There are a lot of meetings and discussion behind and a lot of manpower. Please respect this.

If you want to get an idea of it please have also a look ad

Hijacking others topics to promote your ideas is not wanted.

Yeah, that’s probably what I’m going to go for.

@hamrheadcorvette @alciregi while I agree with both of you on several of your arguments, I have to say that it does lose some of its point having some third-party software enabled (especially when there is proprietary software among them) - why does clicking the button enable e.g. Steam and Nvidia but leave out software from the Flathub repo? It is kinda contradictory…

@grumpey not a bad idea. I can (probably) just use the module to execute the commands.

@ilikelinux it might be possible to send some feedback to the team that the way it is implemented right now is a bit contradictory? Either go full FOSS (which will exclude the Nvidia and Steam repos) or allow the installation of the full catalog?

Anyway, I didn’t expect this to be such a sore topic but I guess it is positive to have discussions around it because one can see what the community thinks about features and such :blush:

Start here:

Feedback is OK, but not every time, when Flat-hub/pack comes up I want to read this controversial discussions. Ask.fedora is focused on Q&A. F35 is stable, decisions are made. If you want to read about this decisions please use the other domain mentioned above.

Of course. This is not the place to discuss these kind of things.

This worked flawlessly with the command Many thanks!

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