Anaconda screen not fully shown

As shown in the photo below, the right side edge is not fully shown.

Tested with same result in:
Rawhide Server Netinst ISO
Fedora 33 Server Netinst ISO

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What’s the hardware?

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Problems with Booting into the Graphical Installation

The dmidecode output is attached to the above bugzilla entry.

fpaste --sysinfo output linked below: (cannot attach due to only image allowed, cannot paste here due to 32K char limit per reply)

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Thanks for the pointers.

Will try out the basic graphics method and manual resolution setting method and report back.

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The issue occurs after WIFI network config is done.

Even with basic graphics or inst.resolution=1366x768 the results are the same.

Installation log (taken after display starts to mis-align) attached to bugzilla.

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