Anaconda/Conda/Miniconda on Fedora?

Hello !

I usually use Windows when I have to work on Python through Jupyter notebooks launched with Miniconda.

But this time, I have to work in a Linux environment. Is there a way to install miniconda on Fedora ? I haven’t found a post showing that it is recommended or safe or even possible to do so, so I would be very grateful if someone has the answer.

Yes, with sudo dnf install conda, which is just the package manager. But you can then create conda environments as required.

You can install anaconda - miniconda on Fedora by following the instructions on its official page.

Fedora also brings conda to use if you don’t want to install anaconda from its page. Just install it with dnf install conda.

Edit: Change the link with the correct link to install anaconda on Linux.

Ok thanks for the infos ! I wasn’t so sure because I couldn’t find much online and the only things I found were not really reassuring