Alternative to youtube: freetube

Now, as you may know by now youtube is blocking adblockers and forcing you to sit through twin 30-second unskippable ads most times you want to watch a video.

Now, to install freetube, you can install it from discover/gnome software for gui method or you could type this in your terminal: flatpak install flathub io.freetubeapp.FreeTube .(If you are on Silverblue or any immutable spin)

Or if you want rpm, download it through here: FreeTube - The Private YouTube Client

Glad to help!

Then you are finally free of the tyrannical rule of the evil corporation and their ad partners()


Using it for couple years already. Best YouTube “player” on Linux :blush:, no need for Google account or account at all to subscribe to channels. Recommended.

I like this type of software, but I always come in hand on how legal they are? I think I can promote it in the magazine, but I need to research a little bit more about legal stuff

I’d say if we are going FOSS way, we need to explore Peertube and related federated world.

I don’t know if anyone has resources to look into it now, but long-term it would be a better solution than trying to bypass restrictions while still using the Youtube as a primary media source.

Would it be possible for the Fedora Project set up PeerTube instance and share project & community related video material there ?

It all goes back to who is going to maintain it, update it and moderate the content.

Technically we have cloud resources to host things, but we usually have issues with people who can commit to the long-term maintenance.

So maybe it is the conversation CommOps team needs to have, or maybe this is a cross-project collaboration opportunity so we can share the instance with, i don’t know, SUSE and Debian?

Or maybe we can find a managed Peertube hosting?

Some research is needed for sure.

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That’s a good idea !
And thanks for reminding that with media platforms the technology is often less of a problem.