Alot of ping spikes on wifi

i switched from windows to fedora 30 sb a while ago and since then, i encounter alot of random ping spikes on wifi, which makes online gaming nearly impossible.

on all the years on windows i never encountered this problem, so its clearly a linux/fedora problem.

what i tried:
i followed this blog, which recommends to set a bssid, to disable background scanning.

i tried 4 different wifi adapter. 3x usb (MT7610U, RTL8192CU and RT5370), 1x pcie (ar93xx).

this is what the spikes look like (it should be ideally a flat green line).
the spikes are random, i dont see any pattern.

What did you use to measure and plot the latency?

Have you tried using ethernet and seeing if the spikes remain?

I have had intermittent connection issues on my system with F28/29/30, but I’m not sure where the problem is, whether with the router, access point, wireless, interference, software, system configuration, etc. It’s been years, but it’s so difficult to pinpoint due to so many variables that are difficult to isolate.

im using quake2 to measure latency, because its super senstive, way more than the ping command.

yesterday i found a ugly workaround by accident (atleast it works so far). if i connect a second wifi adapter and switch to it after boot, by swapping the mac address in wifi settings, the lags are gone.

if i look at the lag pattern it seems like, there is still background scanning going on.

I had also this ping spike problem. For me it was as follows: My wifi usb is in default only connecting to 2.4 GHz WiFi. It’s enough for most things but not for online gaming. When i removed it and but it back in, it connected to 5GHz and my ping spikes were gone. So i recommend you to look, if you are running 2.4 GHz and if possible try 5 GHz and see if that can resolve your issue.

this is sadly not the case.