Allocating more space from separate drive

Hi All,

I wanted to know if it is possible (and how if so) to add space from a secondary hard drive. I installed my Fedora OS on a meager 8GB but the ssd is NVMe so its faster than my secondary HDD. I dual boot with Windows but both are on the ssd in different partitions.

Should I just reinstall Fedora on my HDD with more space or is it possible to allocate more space to my current installation?

Thank you for your time.

On a side note, thank you to twohot for their detailed solution to the issue where a user installs Legacy Fedora while attempting to dual boot UEFI Windows.

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Splitting LVs across different drives should be possible similar to RAID 0.
But I would not recommend it for reliability reasons.
Consider to move the entire home to the HDD leaving root on the SSD.

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