Akmod-drivers not working with secureboot enabled

Hello Guys,

I’m having trouble using nvidia drivers (again).

I used the .run files since I’ve started with fedora, but after every kernel update it makes problems to run them and lastly after a BIOS update they didn’t work anymore so I tried to get the akmod-drivers working.

So, everything installed smoothly.

I got the signatures enrolled - perfect (I like to use secure-boot).

modinfo -F version nvidia shows the correct driver version535.98.

the most looks fine, but if I reboot with secure-boot, I get an error:

Nvidia kernel module is missing, falling back to nouveau

and I’m stuck.

If I disable secure-boot, it works fine and lsmod | grep nvidia shows:

nvidia_drm             94208  12
nvidia_modeset       1556480  14 nvidia_drm
nvidia              62656512  663 nvidia_modeset
video                  77824  2 asus_wmi,nvidia_modeset

with secure-boot enabled there is no output.

mokutil --list-enrolled | grep Issuer shows my enrolled keys and a testing it works.

I’m not sure about this message, if I do sudo akmods --force:

Checking kmods exist for 6.4.11-200.fc38.x86_64Warning: Could not determine what package owns /lib/modules/6.4.11-200.fc38.x86_64/extra/nvi[ OK ]

I searched the internet wound, but got no clue how to fix that :smiley:

I can upload a log of my nvidida-bug-report.sh, if you can tell me how - or can I do this only via a file hoster?

Thank you for your help in advanced! :slight_smile:


modinfo nvidia

should show if the module has been signed and by which key. It is supposed to be the same as the key you enrolled. Look for the word signer:.

sorry, a mod can delete or close this thread.

I noticed akmod-drivers are not supported by my cutting program, so I switched back to the closed source nvidia drivers and got them to work.
I just needed to enroll the certs again, because of the BIOS update :slight_smile:

just need to know, how to get the problems after updating kernel to work, but I will make a new topic for that.

Thank you anyways!

What cutting program prevents that? And how?

Its Davinci Resolve.

you can read this here:

To run DaVinci Resolve, it is required to use suitable OpenGL and OpenCL drivers. Open-source OpenCL drivers are currently unsupported.