After installing Fedora 38 workstation i removed windows boot manager but now i want to dual boot windows on external separate HDD drive

Tl.dr : after installing fedora 38 i removed windows boot manager from boot menu/options thinking that i would not need it anymore (i know i’m dumb)
I used the command ’ efibootmgr ’ although i don’t remember if it was this maybe ’ efibootmgr -b XXXX --delete-bootnum '. Windows 10 is already installed and working on the second drive, i just need something to boot it as i tried from the boot menu in EUFI (F12) and i couldn’t boot win10.
what should i do? how do reinstall windows boot manager alongside grub?

thanks for any help

You should be able to re-add the entry with efibootmgr. You just need to add an entry pointing to \EFI\Microsoft\Boot\bootmgrfw.efi. I don’t have a dual-boot system to try it with at the moment. But I think the full command should be something like the following.

efibootmgr -c -d "/dev/sda" -p 1 -l '\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\bootmgrfw.efi' -L "Windows Boot Manager"

Obviously, substitute parameters as necessary for your system (e.g. -p 1 means partition 1. If your ESP isn’t the first partition on your drive, you will need to change that number accordingly.)

You can usually do it via the system’s UEFI firmware interface as well. But the exact details of how will vary depending on the brand of your hardware.

Edit: Changed the example command to use single quotes because it contains backslashes (which, when in double-quotes, Bash might interpret as escape sequences).

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