Adding an SSD to system to expand /home


I just bought a 2TB SSD for my PC, and want to add it to Fedora as part of the system to increase the storage for /home.

I’m following this guide from the Fedora Magazine, but I’m stuck in the part where I am to add it to a volume group since once I run the command sudo vgs there are no volume groups listed. Even with commands that are specified later, like sudo lvs I get no output.

My system is installed on an NMVE SSD, and the drive I am adding is a “normal” SSD, if that means anything at all. Also my system setup is the default one in a Fedora installation, BTRFS with no custom partitioning. Currently I’m googling for my problem but I’d rather not follow a non-Fedora solution.


For a fresh installation of F37 workstation, the default disk layout will be btrfs based.

Please confirm if it is the case for your setup.

Correct. BTRFS system with no custom partitioning.


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