Acer Laptop with Intel RST


I’ve got an Acer Laptop, which has been running with Fedora since 1, or 2 years. About two months ago, it suddenly stopped working. More precisely, booting failed, because the hard drive wasn’t available, which is somewhat surprising, because Grub was installed on the same hard drive, and was doing its job quite well.

Had the SSD replaced. But, an attempt to install Fedora 35 on the new SSD failed, because … the hard drive wasn’t available as an installation target. An attempt to install Ubuntu failed for the same reason: The Ubuntu installer alerted me, what the problem is: The Laptop had Intel RST enabled.

So, I finally fixed my problem by disabling Intel RST in the BIOS. Bit tricky to do that, keeping the
installed Windows intact. Okay, now my questions:

  • The only explanation I have in retrospective is, that something changed in Fedora: Intel RST support was working until it suddenly wasn’t. Can someone confirm that?
  • If not: Any other ideas, what happened?



Hi, I have no experienced with intel RST but want give my opinion.

My oldest Fedora Linux (my first installation because it have new Gnome version at that time) was Fedora 34 that already using BTRFS as default filesystem. But I read here (this forum), look like older Fedora Linux was using raid related kind of thing because from the kernel boot parameter it used md. Also it use ext filesystem.

Maybe it explain why it’s not work with Intel RST.

The other things, replacing drive with new one I guess most likely will break the partition layer of raid kind of things and make it failed to detect the drive.

But one again I’m not sure if above are true.

Sorry, but something else must have changed. Intel RST has never been supported (you can see many questions about this on Ask here).

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I search again the mailing list available online, and yes look like it’s not really supported.