A strange bug: no sound after first suspend, but the sound will work again after second/third/fourth/... suspend

Hi, friends. I encountered a strange (yet somehow mild) bug, but I could’t seem to successfully register a red hat bugzilla account, so I’m trying to see if anyone here could guide me with this issue:

After I start the system, everything works fine; but if I suspend the computer, there will be no sound from the speaker after it wakes from the suspend (but earphone will still work if plugged in). The strange thing is, if I suspend it again and wake it again, the speaker sound will recover, and there will be no problem with later suspends. But if I shut it down, the same pattern will appear again. The earphone always works, it’s only the speaker, so it’s a driver issue?

My laptop is a hp zbook fury g9 with nvidia a2000 graphics. I tried “systemctl --user restart pipewire pipewire-pulse wireplumber” after the first wake, it doesn’t bring the sound back.

Are there any messages in the user journal for pipewire?
Ate there any messages in dmesg or system journal that might give a clue?
Compare the messages when the speakers work and when they do not etc.

thanks, i’ll check these~~