Speakers sound muzzled after suspend

Hi I’m a new fedora user. I’ve recently installed f36 on my zephyrus g14.
No issues with sound after a restart or reboot but if I suspend (close the lid) the sound still works but the speakers sound like the audio is coming from the bottom of a well.
I have to restart to get the same crisp sound as before.
I’ve noticed that it only seems to affect the speakers, if I use the headphone jack it works fine.
Any direction as to what I should be looking into would be greatly appreciated.

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Next time it happens, does systemctl restart --user wireplumber fix it?

Sadly no, it doesn’t seem to have any effect on the sound.

I was checking the pulseaudio clients using paman and after suspend I see a new client on the list called gsd-power. I’ve tried removing it but it’s automatically added to the list. Not sure if that’s significant.