24: Fedora Linux 38 Released

YouTube: Fedora Linux 38 Released | Fedora Podcast 24

A couple of times a year we get to celebrate the release of a new version of Fedora Linux. The latest version, 38, comes with GNOME 44, security enhancements, and more!

Meet one of the new hosts of the Fedora Project Podcast, Eric the IT Guy and join him for his interview with Matthew Miller to discuss the latest release!


I already have the reminder active!
Hope I have the chance to tune-in the live broadcast.

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A big thank you to the team! I have listened to the last two episodes and I’m looking forward to the next one.

I do have some feedback. I listen to the podcast in the car while driving. During the latest episode, when Matthew Miller was speaking, I had to constantly tune the volume up and down, depending on how close Matthew was to the mic.

I understand that this a live recording on YouTube, turned into a podcast thereafter, and the quality of audio equipment differs per participant. But would it be possible with some postprocessing, to make the audio level, eh, level? I mean normalize it, so it doesn’t jump from very quiet to very loud?

In car audio on the highway is already a challenge at times. But this really had my finger hovering over the volume button throughout.

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Yeah, thats a great point. I will definitely add that to my process going forward.