WiFi card not showing up in fedora 37


Just installed fedora 37 and wifi not working. It doesn’t show up under nmcli and only shows the realtek network card under lspci -v. Any help in getting it working would be appreciated. Also I do not have a wired connection at all so can’t connect to anything via wire.

If you were to post the output of lspci and lsusb we could see what the system has identified.
Also of assistance may be the output of dmesg just after booting.

If you do not have a connection then directing those outputs to a file and copying them to a usb device so they could be sent from another system seems ideal.

You may want to purchase a cheap USB wifi dongle as a backup for situations like yours. As Murphy’s law predicts, stuff too often fails at the most inconvenient times.

You don’t mention if you did a fresh install, have wifi working in the other side of a dual boot configuration (in which base a small partition formatted with ntfs can be used to transfer log files), or have had wifi working in some other linux distro. Sometimes wifi devices don’t reinitialize properly if you simply reboot, and Windows fastboot is essentially hibernation so linux may not get a clean start even from power off. It may be helpful if post more details of your system configuration. You can also look for your hardware at https://linux-hardware.org to see if others have been able to get wifi in linux as well as the drivers that work.

You can also use USB tethering to gain Internet access from a smartphone connected to Wi-Fi.