Wifi adapter not found after upgrade from 38 to 39

I get exactly the same size and md5sum here. It would be useful to compare firmware files used by your Fedora 38 Live USB pen. I have an external drive with Fedora 38 that has:

% ls -l iwlwifi-QuZ-a0-hr-b0-77*
-rw-r--r--. 1 root root 482588 Oct 29 21:00 iwlwifi-QuZ-a0-hr-b0-77.ucode.xz
% md5sum iwlwifi-QuZ-a0-hr-b0-77* 
5d275484dd1fc84f4881f585d166d671  iwlwifi-QuZ-a0-hr-b0-77.ucode.xz

This could have been updated since F38 was installed.

It is possilble that the iwlwifi firmware for your card needs updating for the current kernel. You can try an older “long-term-service” kernel. This sort of problem is quite common, so I find it worthwhile having a USB wifi “pen” to use while waiting for a fix to appear.

my boot pen is also F39 the same flie (same fliename) differs. The one from the boot pen has different file size from the one in the hdd laptop

One possible (at least temporary) workaround would be to copy the /usr/lib/firmware/iwlwifi-QuZ-a0-hr-b0-77.ucode.xz from the usb pen that works to the installed system that does not work. It should enable functioning at least until the firmware is updated again.

A final fix may be obtained by reporting this as a bug against that firmware package
It appears that package is either
The 20231111 version is the latest for f39. I do not have an F38 system on which to compare at present, but you might post the output of dnf list installed iwlwifi-mvm-firmware so we can see exactly what is installed. Both on the working pen drive and on the failing system.

I did that before your suggestion, the problem remains, maybe I need to copy other files from the good F39 pen? But which files?

Hello @jmppr ,
Did you use fwupdmgr to check if firmware was correct? The command to show all devices fwupdmgr can update is fwupdmgr get-devices. Then you could even downgrade a device firmware if desired, but also you could force update to make sure you have the latest firmware. There are also fwupdtool but I havent used that command. fwupdmgr --help and fwupdtool --help should be the place to continue solving this.

I am not sure fwupdmgr has anything to do with this. This is an intel wifi chip and the firmware and driver are in packages that are installed with the linux-firmware package. The files are under /usr/lib/firmware and come from iwlwifi-dvm-firmware and iwlwifi-mvm-firmware.

You’re probably right. I’m seemingly on a fwupdmgr kick today.

Hello all,

with the last dnf --refresh upgrade i did a few minutes ago the problem disappears, now the adapter can detect the wifi networks I use and I’m able to connect to them.
I can store again may 20 meter ethernet

Thanks for you help

I assume the update installed iwlwifi-mvm-firmware-20231211-1.fc39 (the detail useful for next person who encounters the problem). Glad that your problem is fixed.

thanks for pointing that , what I have now is:

root@localhost:/usr/lib/firmware# dnf list installed iwlwifi-mvm-firmware
Installed Packages
iwlwifi-mvm-firmware.noarch                     20231211-1.fc39

please, i’m new to fedora, i installed fedora 39 and it’s not accepting wifi connection, I’m not even seeing wifi on the settings. how do i get started

Please open your own thread for your problem. this one is already marked as solved and we need more information about your problem as well.

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