Why isn't chronyd configured with time servers

I have been wondering this for a while but why is chronyd not configured to have a set of timeservers setup? I noticed, again, the other day when my laptop had drifted by a full minute.


On my install /etc/chrony.conf has this default pool:

pool 2.fedora.pool.ntp.org iburst

Is this not in your conf file?

is chronyd enabled?

systemctl status chronyd

Thanks Tom.

Enabled yes, and if you query using the cli, no servers. I think the conf file was empty as well. Fresh install of 34 but I’m pretty sure it has been like this for a few versions. I assumed it was intentional (like we don’t know where you are installing so which ntp servers are best?) but, maybe it’s just a bug.


Not sure what is going on there, I’ve just uninstalled and reinstalled chrony and confirm conf file wasn’t and the above pool was in it. Cli shows servers:

$ chronyc sources
MS Name/IP address         Stratum Poll Reach LastRx Last sample               
^? time.cloudflare.com           0   7     0     -     +0ns[   +0ns] +/-    0ns
^? time.cloudflare.com           0   7     0     -     +0ns[   +0ns] +/-    0ns

All I can suggest is try reinstalling chrony.

Thanks Tom.

Ha… Well… I hope that’s all it is. I’ll give it a shot.

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It seems that my installation automatically uses the timeserver of my router. At least, I haven’t changed it manually. I’m looking here: #These servers were defined in the installation: server xyz.abc iburst
There is another comment # Use public servers from the pool.ntp.org project and # Please consider joining the pool (http://www.pool.ntp.org/join.html). They are empty.

timedatectl would be another command to check the service status. I’m getting this warning message:

Warning: The system is configured to read the RTC time in the local time zone.
         This mode cannot be fully supported. It will create various problems
         with time zone changes and daylight saving time adjustments. The RTC
         time is never updated, it relies on external facilities to maintain it.
         If at all possible, use RTC in UTC by calling
         'timedatectl set-local-rtc 0'.

I changed it, but no problems up to that point.


I’m guessing your router is also running your dhcp and the ntp servers your router uses are pushed during DHCP request/acknowledge. Option pushed will either be 004 is “Time Server” or 042 specifies “NTP”, likely to the be the latter.

You can check if this is the case with nmap:

sudo nmap --script broadcast-dhcp-discover

Thanks Tom.