Where to report an individual package checksum mismatch on mirror.stream.centos.org?

Hi folks :wave:t2:

Just been setting up foreman to start syncing CS9 and there’s a single package in the CRB repo failing checksum. I’ve been looking to open a bugzilla for it, but looks like I’d have to create a report against the postgresql package which doesn’t seem right. Is there a CentOS Infrastructure / Mirror specific way to raise this?

A file located at the url https://mirror.stream.centos.org/9-stream/CRB/x86_64/os/Packages/postgresql-docs-13.7-1.el9.x86_64.rpm
failed validation due to checksum.

Expected '59930a07af95a826b1d4b182b7895205e71bef2cbd1b5b7e3f992dcd19908dea',
Actual '8992bc89ef759f805d8a13889728adba091a9867cda6035109aa4b0cad7cb97d'

Per wiki instructions (ReportBugs - CentOS Wiki) indeed it has to be reported to Bugzilla (and even more precisely Log in to Red Hat Bugzilla)

Ah okay! Thank you, just didn’t want to do it incorrectly :slight_smile:

From there it should be triaged and then become a Jira ticket then assigned (if confirmed) to … me ? :slight_smile:

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still create ticket but identified the issue already so should fix it soon but still create ticket please

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Kay, done, hope it’s okay: 2219757 – CRB repo: invalid checksum for postgresql-docs on mirror.stream.centos.org

identified the issue already so should fix it soon but still create ticket please

Sorry to jump the process! :blush:

it should be already fixed though but we’ll see when it will land at correct place

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Confirmed! Thanks!

I feel silly asking because I should know this… What’s the easiest way to verify the package checksum from the commandline in order to reproduce this / add the detail to a bugzilla in future? :thinking: I was looking to see if there was a dnf “verify package” type of thing but came up short, and just dnf installing the package didn’t complain.