What's New in Fedora 36 Workstation

Article Summary:

We traditionally have a “what’s new in” post to accompany each release of Fedora Workstation. We’re going to need one for 36! Examples of previous articles of this nature:

The post needs to be ready in time for the F36 release. The ETA on that is uncertain at this point, but it could be 26 April.

It would be great to have help with this!

Article Description:

The post needs to describe the main features in the release, primarily from a user perspective. It’s good to include plenty of screenshots and screen recordings. The main features in this release include:

  • Dark mode
  • New screenshot/screen recording experience
  • Apps porting to GTK 4
  • New default text editor
  • Wayland by default with Nvidia

I’m happy to provide more details about these, and to help out with screenshots. There’s also information we can use in the GNOME 42 release notes.

FYI, @mxanthropocene has already begun work on this article:

Thanks Merlin!



I think the logo overlay on the cover image is wrong though. Shouldn’t that be Fedora Workstation’s logo as was used on past “What’s New” articles: You searched for What's New - Fedora Magazine