What qualifies someone to be able to submit a change proposal?

I just wanted to check on this in case I was making an assumption, but is there any qualification that someone needs in order to submit a change proposal? Is it possible for anyone to submit a proposal as long as it is formatted correctly and submitted in the right place? I think the answer is yes, but want to confirm.

Anyone can submit a change proposal.

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I guess the change proposal must identify who will do the work.
And those people have agreed to do the work.

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This. We’ve had a few proposals in the past where that wasn’t the case. Thankfully, those get spotted pretty quickly.

The Changes process isn’t “please do this”, it’s “I plan to do this”.


From the policy:

In general, Changes are for coordination of development effort and for communication (both internally and externally). They aren’t mandates that someone else implement an idea (no matter how good that idea). If you have improvement in mind, work to get implementers committed to the effort before filing a Change proposal, rather than expecting them to show up for work once the Change is accepted.

I think technically the gate for this isn’t submission, but approval — FESCo is unlikely to accept a “tell someone to do this!” Change. Or, I guess pragmatically, even if they did, no one will do it is an unavoidable arbiter.

But, practically speaking, submitting a change based on wishes is a waste of everyone’s time. If it’s happened frequently before, Ben has shielded the rest of us from noticing.

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