What is the future of Fedora?

I really like Fedora but, with the current changes from Red Hat I am a little worried about its future. The question will be: If Red Hat moves on will Fedora continue as an independent distribution managed by our great community or it will die with Red Hat?

Thank you!

Your question may contain the answer: Fedora will continue as (long as it is an) independent distribution managed by our great community.

RedHat is taking cuts right now (4% I think), but reports of its death are greatly exaggerated.

And yes, Fedora depends quite a bit on RedHat in terms of infrastructure and people.
And yes, RedHat communication sucks in the current matter (Fedora related lay-offs and package drops) and has in past matters. It isn’t always easy - the least for RedHat employes working full time “for” Fedora (kudos to them!). But as long as this symbiotic relationship continues to be symbiotic it will continue.

It might be interesting to speculate about “if it does not”, but I’ll leave that for another day :wink:


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I also think Red Hat is healthier than many feared, but we just need to see the many Mandrake successors to not to worry about Fedora’s demise.

Or our openSUSE friends that have survived multiple corporate ownership changes.

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The point is “as long as it is independent”. I do just doubt till when you can call it independent?

I think, if RH has 51% or more participation on Professionals, decision-making members of the Fedora Community and sponsors more than 51% of the infrastructure we can not call it anymore independent!

This might be the difference between potential and actual control - in practice there have been accepted change proposals for Fedora (like Btrfs) that go against Red Hat’s preferred direction.

And I happen to trust RH FESCo members when they say they are empowered to act in Fedora’s best interest and not Red Hat’s corporate interest.

But of course - this might be too much control, potential or actual, for some’s comfort level, and that is fine too.

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Maybe I do not see everything, just the earthquakes the media created was definitively recognizable here and a community climate drop/change has been perceptible too.

I guess in “normal times” quite understandable. Just with this making pressure and the layoffs this could be quite different now ?

Nice to know.

Yeah… I understand people being cautious, of course. FWIW the part of Fedora that might be affected more is EPEL as that is more closely tied to Enterprise Linux by nature.

But contributors prematurely jumping ship will just make this a negative feedback loop, so I personally am choosing to keep contributing until it becomes untenable.