"We are sorry, kded5 closed unexpectedly"

I keep having the following error message pop up on Fedora 39 KDE spin.

We are sorry, kded5 closed unexpectedly.
You cannot report this error, because kded5 does not provide a bug reporting address
Executable: kded5 PID: 5,933 Signal: bus error (7) Time: 4/22/24 12:05 AM

Developer information shows:

The generated crash information is not useful.
The crash information could not be generated

I’m assuming this is related to a lot of issues that I am slowing starting to notice such as the fact I can no longer connect to Wifi through the GUI, I can only do it with nmcli. When moving or editing files in my Desktop folder, the changes are not reflected on my actual desktop, however I can still move icons around on the desktop. Occasionally my window decorations disappear.

Any help is appreciated as this is my school device.

First and foremost:
Make certain your system is fully updated with sudo dnf distro-sync --refresh

Then review the logs with journalctl to see what is reported that may be related to the kde desktop. journalctl -b -p 3 may provide info or differing options may be needed to find out exactly what is interfering with kde starting. Possibly even journalctl -b | grep -i kde would help.

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Hi, sorry I was getting impatient the day this had happened and ended up reinstalling entirely as I have all of my applications and configs backed up to a bash script. I appreciate you trying to help and have marked your reply as the answer to close this post.