Using x11 for some apps

If i run Fusion360 under wayland using wine it not displays properly ,but in x11 it works just fine.(i seen that wine previously run on Xwayland so it’s possible that is some missing feature or something idk)
On the other hand under x11 switching between virtual desktops (and overall window movement) is little laggy, but in wayland is super smooth.

So iam thinking if its posible to start wine app under x11 in wayland sesion?
Or if there is some compatibility mode for apps that dont like wayland?

There is. it’s called “Xwayland”. It’s an Xserver Wayland spins up whenever you run an application that relies on X.

Wine relies on X by default (though has an experimental Wayland driver), so you’re already using Xwayland.


And Xwayland is and compatibility layer or it it fullblown x11 server?

It’s better to think of it as a compatibility layer, as it isn’t able to support everything is capable of because it lacks the privileged access X11 clients expect.

And is possible to run both wayland and x11 together without Xwayland or is it technically impossible ?

I don’t think there are any Wayland compositors that let you do this, and I’m not sure if it’s technically possible.

What errors do you get when you try to run Wine in your Wayland session?

Hi Andra,

are you using a Nvidia graphics card?

When i try to force wine to using wayland using method from this post post i get this errors:

and then wait indefinitly.

Transaltions of image
cz(default) En
(Toto volßnÝ nenÝ implementovßno.) (This call is not implemented)
(┌spých.) (sucess)
P°Ýstup odep°en. acess denied

I asume that the problem is with creting window. But iam not that skilled to say that with shure.

I use Nvidia GTX 1060

I use a 3060ti. just know that wayland still has a few issues on Nvidia cards but Nvidia is working on a driver that will make it a lot better. I personally have been using wayland the most as of late because it has gotten a lot better.

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