Using latest kernel on a LiveUSB image

I need to test something on another system using the same kernel that is on my laptop, 6.7.7-200.fc39.x86_64.

Is it possible to generate images that use an up to date kernel?

For the moment I am using from Fedora nightly compose finder which will do.

I haven’t done it, but if you configure a persistent overylay, I think it should be possible.

However, I’m not sure how the bootloader is configured on those images. For a live image, you might have to use kexec to boot into a specific kernel version if the bootloader configuration doesn’t support being updated.

Of course, the easiest option would be not to use a live image but rather do a full installation to a USB drive.

These can be downloaded from the Index of /pub/alt/live-respins site that provides updated live ISOs regularly.