Updating a fedora 34 Live USB is impossible due to space constraints


I just started my system from the LIVE USB stick (8GB) and wanted do update this particular live USB instance, even without installing it into a HD.I get the error that is not possible to download a package “due to no existing available disk space in filesystem” (install partition only has 2Gb, so 6 Gb of free space).

Is there a way to do this?
I would love to carry it around as my portable USB Linux install.

Creating this USB via the typical way just created a 2GB partition that can’t be expanded hence updated…

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PS- Is the only way to install it to a different USB Stick? but won’t it “make it available” only on this specific hardware?

The install iso creates a ‘live’ usb that has no free storage since it is an exact image of the downloaded iso. If you want to install it on another usb stick and carry it around you certainly can as that would give you persistence and allow an update then your usb you are carrying around is updated. If instead you only carry around the install iso usb then there is not persistence. and whenever you reboot it the booted OS is only what was on the iso.

BTW, 6 GB is not enough for an install of the workstation version. You need a bare minimum of 10 G to do the install and more to allow for updates and your personal data in /home.


Start with updated ISOs (every ~2 weeks there are fresh ones with latest updates incorporated): Index of /pub/alt/live-respins
Beside installation onto USB, there are also other options for persistent storage:
LiveOS image - Fedora Project Wiki
Creating and using a live installation image :: Fedora Docs

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In that case you need two USB thumb drives to start with. You want to use the live image (or even better the netinstall image) to install Fedora onto your second USB drive. Once installed on the USB, you can update and modify the system according to your needs and reuse the thumb drive with the live image for other purposes.

Alternatively, Live system with persistence - however, not sure how to achieve that…