Update to Fedora 30

i try to update my fedora to fedora 30 for several weeks now and get all the time the same error code:

error 404 for https://fedora.mirror.liteserver.nl/linux/updates/30/everything/x86_64/packages/k/kernel-headers-5.2.18-200.fc30.x86_64rpm,
  • how can i get past this error message to update my fedora to fedora 30?

i have fedora on a old Dell Laptop

Hi @bormep welcome to Ask Fedora!

Try clean your cache before you do the update.

sudo dnf clean all

After follow this steps( I imagine you are in fedora 29):


@xtym cleaned cache first and it still gives the same message

Maybe there are something wrong with your mirrors.


Lets try before update do a dystro sincronizacion to see what it will say or if it report error too.

sudo dnf clean all && sudo dnf --refresh distro-sync

btw what version of fedora do you have ?

If all did go ok just reboot and try the update.