Unsure of password for root; never prompted to set it during install

I don’t recall ever being prompted to set a password for root during installation of Silverblue 33. I did set a LUKS passphrase at install time. Post-install I was prompted in the GNOME Initial Setup utility to create my normal (non-root) user account—but that’s it.

The LUKS password doesn’t also double as the one for root, right?

And is there a distinct procedure for resetting root’s password on Silverblue? If not, is it enough to follow one of these standard reset methods?

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Assuming that your regular user has administrative rights (typically via wheel group) , which it typically will, you can just user sudo.

To confirm you have admin rights, you can use following command:
which will output something like:
uid=1000(myuser) gid=1000(myuser) groups=1000(myuser),10(wheel)

If you are a member of an admin group, like wheel, simply use sudo to reset the root password:
sudo passwd

Hopefully that works for you. This should be same for silverblue as well as fedora proper.