Unlocking my LUKS2 partitions with FIDO2 key - enrollment fails


I tried enrolling my shiny new SoloKeys (v2) as explained here. Unfortunately during the process I get following output:

[~]$ sudo systemd-cryptenroll --fido2-device=auto /dev/mmcblk0p1
πŸ” Please enter current passphrase for disk /dev/mmcblk0p1: *********************************
Requested to lock with PIN, but FIDO2 device /dev/hidraw9 does not support it, disabling.
Initializing FIDO2 credential on security token.
πŸ‘† (Hint: This might require confirmation of user presence on security token.)
Generating secret key on FIDO2 security token.
πŸ‘† In order to allow secret key generation, please confirm presence on security token.
Failed to ask token for assertion: FIDO_ERR_INVALID_CBOR

I’m on Fedora 35. Of course I confirmed my presence on the token by touching the touchy surfaces when asked.

NECRO ! Please close this thread.