Unable to upgrade my server on Silverblue

You could try to also replace that package

You mean, systemd-cryptsetup?
I didn’t know it was possible to downgrade it and keep systemd up to date, I will try.
Thanks you

To set SELinux temporarily in permissive mode, you can boot with enforcing=0 on the command line when edit it in GRUB. It should not mess up your system but it’s not safe to keep running like that for long.

I don’t have access to grub as it’s a remote server, if I type sudo rpm-ostree kargs append enforcing=0, would it work?
Also, are you very sure that I won’t have problems when I will reenable selinux?
From my experience, it mess a lot of things and this server is very critical.
Thanks you a lot!

Sorry, I can not promise that anything will work. You should probably wait until you can physically access the machine before doing further debugging here.

As this is a server, maybe using Fedora CoreOS would give you better results as well.