Two monitors have weird mirroring/duplicate effect

Hi, so I’m trying out Fedora on my main PC, and about a week ago, I tried using it before, but an irritating issue I ran into was when my computer would start up, 2 of my three monitors would kind of act like they were mirrored even though they were set to not be. Stuff like programs would show up on both and the mouse drag box would show up on both but the cursor would only show up on the monitor that it was supposed to be on (to make it easier, the monitor that is working how it is supposed to is the right monitor and the problematic one is the left monitor.) KDE shows that the three monitors are extended but you cannot see any programs on the left one and the right monitor worked fine but the left one would mirror the right. Setting a monitor config and reverting would fix the issue until I restarted the computer. This issue was quite a bit irritating and eventually I just switched back to windows. So today I installed Fedora (36) again and will probably get a VFIO set up, but I’m getting the same issue again. Right now I don’t have the nvidia drivers installed but I know last time, I did. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

I should mention, I am using a 3090 and a 960 (all monitors are plugged into 3090)

Picture to show issue

So I think I fixed it. Since I was dual booting with Windows 11 I have to have secure boot enabled, because of that, the nvidia drivers weren’t loading correctly this link helped me do so.