Toolbox into a different distro?

Would it be possible to use toolbox create an image using Ubuntu or Debian have the same type of “feeling” of using Fedora userspace into the toolbox container?

If you mean running toolbox on another distro, it should work in theory. You would have to have podman installed as that’s hard coded. I’m not sure what kernel version is necessary but there may be some restriction there.

Maybe the same thing is also possible with Docker?

I understood this the other way round – having another distro run as the toolbox image – can that be done?
Maybe something like LXC where you choose what distro image you want?

That was I had in mind when I asked the question. Right now, I can do a podman run -it --rm alpine busybox sh anyday of the week, but it doesn’t hook up on my home directory, nor provide any of the nice things toolbox enter provides.

It’d be super handy to be able to do a toolbox enter ubuntu and be greeted by an Ubuntu user space as if I was running it, just like toolbox enter brings me a modifiable Fedora environment.


Yep, there’s a script which should do the trick! Just edit sid to stable or another Debian release. (source)

Also discussed here: Can I make use of other containers like debian or arch - #6 by garrett

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Wouldn’t you just add --volume /var/hostdir:/var/ctrdir to mount that directory (volume) in the container? Thus providing full access.