Timeout with F5 EPI initialization


On my Fedora 33, I’m using F5 EPI, an Endpoint Inspector that checks the state of my computer (security, updates, etc.) before letting me access to F5 VPN.

I don’t know why but it’s going on a timeout, I think : during 5 minutes, it says “Checking security software”, and then told me the session couldn’t be enabled.
The logs are in verbose mode and are not showing anything.

The administrator of the VPN server saw that I want to establish a session to the VPN, that I need to launch the F5 EPI but it don’t see anything more, like I never launched the F5 EPI.
He tried on a fresh install of Fedora 33 of his own, we’ve got the exact same logs but it’s working without any issue for him.

No logs seems to be written in /var/log at the moment where my F5 EPI is launched, I don’t have any other logs in the F5 install dir, nothing in journalctl.
I don’t know where to look anymore.

Could you help me, please ?

Thank you !!! Bye



Can you try to start it within a terminal, most time there you get some hints more.

No, I can’t, it used a multiple Factor Authentication (validation from a mobile phone)

This proves that the error not has to be on Fedora Linux’s side. Can you verify the DNS and maybe try with an other one.

Search for a checklist to debug VPN and do step by step. Firewall and a Proxy server could also be a problem. But this devices generally have a log where you probably get more info.

Do you make a connection from home with your own router, there you should also find log files. NAT sometimes makes also troubles with VPN.