Thoughts about the earlier proposal to use Discourse for change discussions

I have feedback!

Looking at the original telemetry proposal post, I don’t see a link to the wiki page. This is Bad Actually™ because

  1. We lose the admonition formatting
  2. It requires changes to be made in two places

I can already hear Matthew say “let’s just submit the proposals in Discussion directly” and I am here to say “no, that is not a helpful answer because of all the tooling changes it would require and there’s no one in a position to own that.” Instead, I suggest that the body of the proposal no longer be included in the announcement. Instead, it should be a summary with a link to the page.

So for the telemetry proposal it would be

Subject: F40 Change Request: Privacy-preserving Telemetry for Fedora Workstation (System-Wide)

The Red Hat Display Systems Team (which develops the desktop) proposes to enable limited data collection of anonymous Fedora Workstation usage metrics.

Fedora is an open source community project, and nobody is interested in violating user privacy. We do not want to collect data about individual users. We want to collect only aggregate usage metrics that are actually needed to achieve specific Fedora improvement objectives, and no more. We understand that if we violate our users’ trust, then we won’t have many users left, so if metrics collection is approved, we will need to be very careful to roll this out in a way that respects our users at all times. (For example, we should not collect users’ search queries, because that would be creepy.)

We believe an open source community can ethically collect limited aggregate data on how its software is used without involving big data companies or building creepy tracking profiles that are not in the best interests of users. Users will have the option to disable data upload before any data is sent for the first time. Our service will be operated by Fedora on Fedora infrastructure, and will not depend on Google Analytics or any other controversial third-party services. And in contrast to proprietary software operating systems, you can redirect the data collection to your own private metrics server instead of Fedora’s to see precisely what data is being collected from you, because the server components are open source too.
Keep in mind this Fedora change proposal is just that: a proposal. It must undergo community review and must be approved by the community-elected Fedora Engineering Steering Committee (FESCo) before it can be implemented, just like any other Fedora change proposal. We welcome community participation and fully expect this proposal may need to be modified significantly depending on Fedora community feedback.

Full proposal at: Changes/Telemetry - Fedora Project Wiki

(Note that most wouldn’t be this wordy because the summary is supposed to be a lot shorter)

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