The Games SIG is dead. Should it be revived?

I was looking this up today, I would love to help get this SIG back off the ground and get involved with gaming on Fedora. I have just recently got my gaming setup back up and running on Fedora (currently 35) and I am playing games just fine. I would like the Fedora name to be included when people are talking about gaming on Linux.


So to ask the all knowing and all powerful @mattdm what would be needed to get this back off the ground?

I don’t know about either of those superlatives :classic_smiley: but basically all it takes is several people with enthusiasm, ideally with all of that enthusiasm at the same time. I think the most useful thing to keep that alive is:

  1. One or more tangible goals: whether that is a revived Games Spin, a measurable increase in Fedora-for-gaming popularity somehow (ideally something we can directly affect), a blog or podcast series, or even just “increased traffic in this category”.
  2. A list of things to be done to get to those goals: a ticket tracker, a checklist in this forum, or something else.
  3. Regular meetings by video or chat. I hate meetings, but I have not found a way for people who aren’t on a small team in the same physical room every day to stay on track for longer than a week without doing it.

With that, it’ll happen — you don’t need any special blessing or anything (although I’m happy to lend whatever officialness you need to make things happen). Just start doing things!

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I’ve been bringing a few new games to Fedora and trying to get articles various places. I’ve done one for fedoramagazine and one for gamingonlinux. I also do my occasional Open Game Source articles on my site. (Still need to add the Inertia Blast article on that page.) Granted a lot of this is to promote Gamerzilla more than Fedora but Fedora has the library packaged so it is easy to use on Fedora.

I will say I’m a bad Fedora packager. I keep packaging games and never review anyone else’s packages.

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