The correct way to use software, compiled from source in Silverblue


I use Silverblue on my home laptop. Questions, of course, arise, but they can be resolved by discussing here on the forum, and for this I would like to say again thank you very much !

On my work computer, I am using the Unreal Engine development environment. For Linux, it is must be compiled from source. After compilation, it will work in the classical way, without containers, which, I think, contradicts the ideology of Fedora Silverblue. Using this development environment will account for ~ 70 percent of this computer time.

On the one hand, Fedora Silverblue includes a new ideology and it is necessary to follow it, on the other hand, a large development environment will work on it, which does not support and is unlikely to soon support this new ideology.

Is it advisable in this case to use Fedora Silverblue or is it better for this case to use a classical Fedora Workstation?

Is there an ideologically correct way to use software compiled from source in Fedora Silverblue?


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I haven’t moved to Silverblue yet (I’ll have to reinstall) but from what I read, to use it a more “traditional” way, one can use tools like toolbx:

So in a toolbx container, you should be able to use dnf normally, and I expect also compile things from source etc. as required. Worth a look maybe?

Yes, thank you very much !

I’ve also been studying the documentation and examples of the Toolbox right now, but I wasn’t sure, that it is was what I need

Now I know that, all look like, this is what I need !

I think, I will install Fedora Silverblue on my work computer too, compile Unreal Engine inside the container and will use it there.

Thanks !


I would suggest you install silverblue in a VM and try it there with all the things you are testing before installing on a machine that could become nothing more than a test bed while you are learning the differences and nuances of managing silverblue. The VM would give you real life experience without removing the existing OS and allow you to compare the systems.

Thank You for your answer!

I upgraded my working machine and I can say, that now this is a new machine, without OS.

The development process will run on it continuously for several years. The decision is being made now and for at least two years, so I would like to keep up with technology and progressive ideology, that I see in Silverblue (although, radically in 2 years, little will change, I think).

I will do as You said, but instead of a virtual machine, I will use another physical one, with less characteristics for research. This separation of research and development, as You suggested, I think, really will allow to more effectively balance the time between the two.


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