Terminals says Iam not in file sudoers.?

I have just downloaded fedora gaming every time I try to access the terminal and try to download anything it gives me this error “giuseppe non è nel file sudoers.” cant find in the file sudoers. Please can anybody help to resolve this issue

please post in english

I just did post it in english can anybody help me i cant download anything through the termimal please see screenshot

Your user is not allowed to use sudo. Do you have a root password set? If you have, login as root and use this command:

gpasswd -a giuseppe wheel

If you don’t have a root password set, use this guide to reset root password and try above steps:

I always have to root it with su and then the password and it will work to download Thank you

Go root

usermod -a -G sudo <username>

Open the sudoers will open the /etc/sudoers file in the editor defined in $EDITOR (probably GNU nano - set the variable if it’s not what you want
Add the below line to the end of the file.

username ALL=(ALL) ALL   # Change the user name before you issue the commands

Do it however you like.

You should preferably use the visudo tool, which validates the file so you don’t accidentally break sudo. By default users in the wheel group have sudo, so you don’t even need to edit this file. Just add that user to the wheel group as root and then log out and back in as that user.

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