Technical people wanted in marketing channel

If you’re at all technical and are somewhat interested in helping with marketing for Fedora (mainly dealing with social media), please consider it!

Fedora Linux is obviously a tech thing. It’s got technical bits and bobs. While others who are currently in the marketing team or active in our Matrix channel know more about this stuff, I am still a relative novice.

Speaking just for myself, that means that the kinds of things I think to post about are things I can wrap my head around, like upcoming events, links to our blogs, or low-level discussion about features. I find that the options I think of are biased toward being not technical or relatively basic compared to everything you can do on Linux. That’s a problem for managing an account for a tech thing where many of the followers are technical people. Ideally we want a balance of content that is approachable to new people but also valuable to sys admins. We want to have a bit of both.

Therefore, if you find yourself in the latter camp, consider jumping into the marketing team Matrix channel. You don’t have to be active per se unless you want to be. Just have our channel around for when you spot something interesting in the mailing list or having something you want to promote, even if it’s just to put it on our radar. Personally it would help cover my blind spot.


I’m in. :grinning:

What is a good onboarding pathway for these type of folks to get involved? Just like we often do for code, I wonder what a “good first issue” might be for social media contributions at this point in the game. We have tried some things before but they never worked the way we wanted (e.g. a mailing list, a ticket tracker, etc.).

Alternatively, what kinds of things would you like people to bring to you? Content, links, screenshots? Defining a useful contribution might make it easier for others to help with social media. Examples are always good. :smiley:

For now, I’ll make it a point to drop updates and news of cool Fedora things I see there. :rocket: I know we will have one coming up in January, when Fedora renews its application as a Digital Public Good.

My thinking on this is that people could do a drive-by recommendation. I mentioned the Marketing channel so that it can be as simple as “hey, I saw a cool thing that we may want to post on Twitter, let tell the marketing the people about it and maybe they’ll make a post about it.”

We do have a more formal SOP that can be found here. Tickets can be made to make requests for marketing as well as for good ideas that we should consider. @glb has an example for the Fedora Magazine of just this case. However, if you just want to drop a link in our chat room, we can either make a note of it or ask for you to make it a ticket. The chat is not so busy that dropping in with ideas would be interrupting anything.

Maybe the main caveat is that not everything sent to us is guaranteed to get posted. it probably will, but I figure we should have some kind of editorial say in what kind of content makes sense to post and when it makes sense to post it.

Content, links, news or updates about things you’re working on, interesting things that can be done or have been done with Fedora, or things you think would be cool if the Fedora account posted about it. Things you are proud of that were done by the Fedora Project. Even Beefy Miracle in moderation (ok, I would have to double check on that one).

@vwbusguy posted about Ask Fedora merging with Fedora Discussions. I knew that was coming, but he caught it on the sister forum, so we boosted it. An example.

The advice I gave is general, but ideally I’d like to make up the gap in technical type of posts. This is where something like setting up a Mastodon instance with Fedora would be a good fit. Some tip with commands to do something cool could work. An update explaining what the unified kernel proposal means would be great.

Yes, this is great stuff. It’s possible that suggestions will overlap with ideas we’ve already come across, but we still want to be widening the net.

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@joseph I have a confession to make. It turns out I am part of the social-media team, but I was not active for some significant portion of the last years. I am quite technical, and I’d love to help. I’ll join the channel and see how I can help.

I am also active in the Fediverse and in my blog.

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Thanks for your interest! Will be very much appreciated. :slight_smile:

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This is great! And it is good to know the Marketing Team is soliciting these requests. A CommBlog post might help to get this on the map for teams to see it as an option, together with some targeted outreach (e.g. attending a team meeting).

What do you think about adding this in as an example of how to contribute to the Fedora Marketing Team? It would be good to call out this informal, casual way of contributing.

Made a ticket to do these things!

I’ll also throw out that @ mentioning the Fedora account (at least on Mastodon where we have the easiest access), you can just tweet about something Fedora related and I’ll see it. I don’t boost everything we’re tagged in, but I have found out about some neat things through that like news about i3 on Fedora.