Talk: Boot fails with “bad shim signature” in atomic desktops and IoT

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I’m unable to upgrade to the latest working version mentioned in the article. From a fresh Silverblue 39 installation, updated to 39.20240610.0:

root@fedora:~# rpm-ostree deploy 39.20240616.0 
Resolving version '39.20240616.0'
1 metadata, 0 content objects fetched; 592 B transferred in 2 seconds; 0 bytes content written
error: Version 39.20240616.0 not found in fedora:fedora/40/x86_64/silverblue

Is there another working version we should be using to test this solution?
Also, is there a way to find a list of all the {release}.{date}.x versions available?

Added atomic-desktops, grub, kinoite, secure-boot, silverblue-team, sway-atomic, uefi

Ping @siosm

If you’re already running any Fedora 40 release then you don’t need to update beforehand and you can skip this part and do the bootloader update directly.

The cleanup and deploy step is only needed if you are running Fedora 39 or an older Fedora IoT:

If you are running a Fedora Atomic Desktop based on Fedora 39 and have not yet updated to Fedora 40, you first need to update to the latest working Fedora 39 version with those commands:

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Are you sure that this is a fresh Fedora Silverblue 39 installation and not a 40 one?

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I’d say the common issue here BTW is a duplicate of that already existing common issue (which just does not mention IoT):

@rugk The error output is different. Also, the older error is from May, while this new error was caused in June. My impression was that those are two different errors, that’s why I created a separate topic. But I’m happy to be corrected.

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They are indeed two different errors but they are solved the same way.

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