Tails, but based on Fedora?

I dont understand why there is nothing like Orbot for Linux.

systemd-resolved is a pretty good standard, so one could base on that. Why not implement a tor proxy systemwide, combine that with live Fedora, containers, Flatpak and all that?

There is torvirt which is pretty cool, tor configured in a podman container and set up for virtual machines.

Then there is the new App Carburetor, a Flatpak GUI for creating a tor proxy. But that is not system wide.

I think two systems are useful

Live USB

  • everything included
  • persistent storage including /var/lib/flatpak and /var/home
  • encryption
  • torproxy, preinstalled apps etc.

persistent install

  • same as live but persistent, no custom partitions
  • torproxy in a podman container?
  • VMs using torvirt
  • some preinstalled secure flatpaks (Portals, Wayland, etc.)

Tails is so old, without basically all the modern features the Linux desktop has, Flatpaks, isolated containers, namespaces (with their potential security risks), a different Desktop than that ugly old GNOME…

Why is Tails the only OS that has this? afaik Kali has an “anonymous mode” too okay, but that is not well known. I can imagine the distributed form is quite unconventional, but creating a persistent storage and mounting some directories from it doesnt sound that bad?

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