System freeze

Hi there. I left my computer idling overnight with sleep, hibernate etc off, and woke up at ~11am to find the display output frozen stuck at 7:15am. The previous day, the system had been freezing up for no apparent reason with GNOME eating upwards of 1.4gb ram. Here are the logs, please help me troubleshoot:


It would be cool if you provoke the freeze another time, and then note the very moment of the freeze. This would strongly help (and decrease the needed time) to identify where in the logs we have to look and thus, facilitate identifying what we are up against. It’s always good to know in advance at least one of the two WHAT and WHERE questions :slight_smile: Freezing can have a variety of causes and in itself says little about the cause.

So I would suggest to keep working with it, and push the new logs after it happened again with the precise freezing time.

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I will try to keep you updated then. Could you tell me which timing the 3rd column shows? Global? UTC? IST? (I live in india)


It’s IST :slight_smile: You can see this in the first line of the logs.