System boots to emergency mode for kernel 6.2.15-300.f38


Hi everyone! My system boots to emergency mode( the one that tells you to run journalctl) when using the kernel 6.2.15-300.f38 and 6.2.14-300.f38

I’m using the system by booting into the previous kernel option from the grub boot menu.
Specifically 6.2.13-300

This issue first happened about a month ago when the 6.2.14-300.f38 kernel was available. After updating and rebooting, the system automatically booted to the recovery mode. I thought it was a faulty kernel and assumed it would fix itself in the next kernel update, so I booted the previous kernel option from the boot menu and continued using it until 6.2.15 was released.

And imagine my surprise when the problem persisted!

This is a default install of Fedora, with the only notable customization was enable Timeshift backups!

It’s never caused an issue since Fedora 33, so I don’t think that could have caused it.

In fact, I don’t think I have ever had an issue this bad with Fedora since 32! Thus, I have very little knowledge on troubleshooting this issue.

For starters, I don’t quite understand the logs from Journalctl, nor can I paste them online and ask for help!

How should I go about troubleshooting my machine?

Of course you can.
Attempt booting with one of the failing kernels.
Then boot with the one that works.
Once booted run journalctl -b -1 and copy about the last 300 or so lines of the failed boot logs to paste into your post (using the preformatted text tags with the </> on the toolbar).

We then can assist in analyzing the logs to see what may be wrong.

This may not work of course if the boot does not reach the point where the logs are being recorded.

Hi. So a bit of time has passed but here’s the output of journalctl -b -1

paul@fedora ~> journalctl -b -1
Specifying boot ID or boot offset has no effect, no persistent journal was found.

Actually, this time when I boot, journalctl fails to load and I get a different error string this time.

I have not performed an update in between the time. I’m unsure what could have caused this issue.

Any idea how to move on from here?