Sysroot mount failed while kernel update

I got this error after kernel upgrade. How to manage this issue? Thx!

The error says “no such file or directory”. Did you perhaps set the root=... kernel parameter wrong? It also looks like you are using Btrfs. So an incorrect Btrfs parameter could cause that problem as well. It should drop you to a command shell where you can troubleshoot the problem (e.g., by fixing the bootloader config or by renaming Btrfs subvolumes or whatever).

Yes, that’s true, I use Btrfs for “Timeshift” and this is my first experience with it. What btrfs parameter can cause that issue?

Sorry, I’m not much of a Btrfs guru. I’ve seen several complaints about third-party Btrfs management systems causing problems on this forum though. Were I a Btrfs user, I think I’d probably avoid using such third-party apps and stick with Btrfs’ builtin command-line line tool (btrfs) for creating and removing snapshots or whatever.

FWIW, there is a nice article series coming along on Fedora Magazine about how to manage Btrfs here:

Thx!! For sure that will shift me up))

Hi, I encountered this question too,same error message, same timeshift. But I solved it.
I was following A quick guide to setting up BTRFS Timeshift on Fedora 33 this post to make timeshift work on fedora.
Update kernel will update grub as dnf’s expectation (or some application after installed new kernel? I guess).But According this guide,I’ve edited grub to adapt the timeshift (root → @ and home → @home) .So for my local machine, maybe the grub saved the wrong mount configuration.
I try to executegrub2-mkconfig -o /boot/efi/EFI/fedora/grub.cfg again after reboot into old kernel(start up normally) and restart into new kernel, and then it works!
I’m not familiar with grub. I can’t explain why and what happened.