Sysroot mount failed while kernel update

I got this error after kernel upgrade. How to manage this issue? Thx!

The error says “no such file or directory”. Did you perhaps set the root=... kernel parameter wrong? It also looks like you are using Btrfs. So an incorrect Btrfs parameter could cause that problem as well. It should drop you to a command shell where you can troubleshoot the problem (e.g., by fixing the bootloader config or by renaming Btrfs subvolumes or whatever).

Yes, that’s true, I use Btrfs for “Timeshift” and this is my first experience with it. What btrfs parameter can cause that issue?

Sorry, I’m not much of a Btrfs guru. I’ve seen several complaints about third-party Btrfs management systems causing problems on this forum though. Were I a Btrfs user, I think I’d probably avoid using such third-party apps and stick with Btrfs’ builtin command-line line tool (btrfs) for creating and removing snapshots or whatever.

FWIW, there is a nice article series coming along on Fedora Magazine about how to manage Btrfs here:

Thx!! For sure that will shift me up))