Stuck in a sticky situation


Greetings from a new user, I hope you are all well in these troubling times!

This is my first time using Fedora or Linux based, after a lifetime of using only Microsoft. I have zero experience using any command features and simply switched due to growing concerns over the security and privacy with Microsoft. I looked through the reviews of various OS and Fedora came highly rated and friendly to anyone. Unfortunately I have not found it to be so with my lack of experience.

I am running a 2015 Dell XPS 13 and wiped the harddrive to install Fedora. As of now I have no way of rebooting to windows even if I wanted to. The installation seemed to run well except that upon using the system there is no network options meaning I cannot connect to the internet. At the home screen there is no computer network logo at all and in system menu in the top right corner there is no option for WiFi or network connections.

In the settings, when I go to network, the only option I have is to create a VPN. There is nothing about WiFi or creating any connections. Unfortunately the inbuilt help guide fails me at the first step as the computer logo or network options simply don’t exist.

I do not have the option of a hardwired connection to the WiFi router either and I am having to use a mobile phone to send this message.

As a complete noob, could any a kind fellow help me out?

Anything is greatly appreciated, many thanks

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Welcome! I’m sorry the networking setup is causing you trouble. Your best bet will be to ask on Ask Fedora, which is our site for support & troubleshooting.