Stratis Pools replace a disk

If i have a Stratis pool of 2 physical drives, and i want to replace one, what is the procedure? What happens if a device dies? Do you just loose the data on that one device? I’ve searched, and it looks like you can’t remove disks yet from the pool. Is this still the case with fedora 36 or fedora 37? I would think there is a procedure to replace a failing device, unless its assumed you just use raid first. Which i was looking at, but then from what i can tell you are stuck with no way to increase your pool if you expand your array. This is all lab stuff, and i wanted to play with the new stratis stuff but I’m trying to grasp it. It appears pretty simple, but i think i’m just missing a concept? Maybe it’s just too limited to play with yet? Thanks for any help. I’ve searched all over the net, but for some reason there is very little discussion found about Stratis, at least since the announcement a couple years ago.

I found the github info. They are currently working on this issue, and it when the update is made, it should be in F36 and F37.