Stop Windows from Auto-Maximizing - is this "snapping"? Need GUI and/or CLI instructions please

Hello everyone,

When I open a new chrome or chromium or firefox browser - the window automatically is set to maximize and it’s remarkably annoying. I came across an Ubuntu forums on how this can be solved, but the command doesn’t seem to work in Fedora Silverblue. Ubuntu Forum: How do I disable auto-maximizing of newly launched windows in GNOME? - Ask Ubuntu
Here’s the command:

gsettings set org.gnome.mutter auto-maximize false

Here’s the CLI response in Fedora 34 Silverblue:

(process:19476): dconf-WARNING **: 15:37:53.817: failed to commit changes to dconf: Failed to execute child process “dbus-launch” (No such file or directory)
[root@[REDACTED] ~]#

I figured this would be a Gnome Software thing and not specific to Ubuntu or Fedora. It’s literally been one year and I’ve gone form Fedora 33 Workstation to Fedora 34 Silverblue and still can’t seem to figure this out ha! Hoping someone can help b/c it’s quite frustrating and annoying.

In terms of the out-of-the-box settings (outside of Gnome Tweaks), the only thing I’ve really changed is turned “Locate Pointer,” “Large Text,” “Always Show Accessibility Menu” to “on.” IDK - I don’t think that has anything to do with it - the three (3) things that I’ve had trouble with from day one (1) setting up community VPN, setting up more than one (1) monitor and then the snapping to the edge of the screen is just so annoying. I have installed Gnome Tweaks actually and ticked off the option for this behavior to occur, and it still persists. Any help is appreciated.

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Run the gsettings command from your own user, not root, no sudo.


in gnome-tweaks there is an option for the windows to turn ‘edge tiling’ on or off. I suspect this may be what is causing the windows to ‘snap’ to the edge of the screen. Try turning that off and see if there is a difference.


For note. If app open and have initial windows size nearly the size of your current monitor, it will automatically maximize it. The easy way to disable this behavior is by installing sudo dnf install dconf-editor. Open it then on search icon type /org/gnome/mutter/auto-maximize. Then disable it (please also read the description on there).

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You can’t sudo dnf install anything on a Fedora Silverblue…

My bad for my skim reading. But it should also available in equal version in Silverblue.

Hey there - I did this actually. didn’t work ha it was one of the first things I did on Linux ha… That was a year ago now.