`sources` file format and explanation

What are the sources files in src.fedoraproject.org repositories?

For example Tree - rpms/python-pip - src.fedoraproject.org


This looks like a checksum, but what kind of checksum and what for?


They are md5 checksums of the source files which are defined with Source* tags in the spec file. There are other packages (like dnf) which uses other algorithms instead of md5.

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But MD5 is not secure. It is possible to generate different .tar.gz with the same hash. Is the sources file the only security guarantee?

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In this case, the hash is just a key looking into the source code cache we control. So cryptographic security is not a primary concern here – someone would need to be a Fedora packager to upload the generated colliding tar.gz, and we’d see who did it.

But in fact, we’ve been using SHA512 for several years now – note that your link is to a pretty old fork. See the current https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/python-pip/blob/rawhide/f/sources:


By the way, you can use the fedpkg command-line tool to fetch sources from the cache.