[Solved] Installing system-level python packages

TLDR: I’m looking for the arch equivalent of python-pynvim Arch package in Fedora.

In Arch, there’s a distinction between user-level installation and system-level installation of Python packages. The latter is done with pip and the former with pacman.

Does this distinction exist in Fedora? How do I install a python package, system-wide?

Edit: Just found the package I’m looking for under a different name: https://packages.fedoraproject.org/pkgs/python-neovim/python36-neovim/

You want python3-neovim actually, python36-neovim is for EPEL 8 (the extra repo if you use RHEL/CentOS Stream/Alma/Rocky/Oracle 8)

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It is available from the Fedora repository, and neovim as well.

neovim.x86_64                          0.9.1-2.fc38                   updates
python3-neovim.noarch                  0.4.3-8.fc38                   fedora 

In Fedora the distinction between user level installs and system wide installs is done with pip and dnf. Similar to Arch but a different package manager.