"Solved" checkbox — and possibly using Site Help & Feedback tags in Project Teams?

Discourse has a “Solved” plugin, which allows topics to be marked as, well, Solved. This is useful for Q&A, of course, and it’s enabled in general on Ask Fedora. But, it’s also kind of extra clutter where topics aren’t something with a solution, so I was hesitant to turn it on generally.

@hhlp showed me that this can be enabled on a per-tag basis. So, I turned it on for a number of tags in the tag-group here in :category_help: Site Help & Feedback#help, #problem, #request, and #idea. (But not #guide, because for that, the intention is for the first post in the topic to provide the solution.)

I originally set up the :category_project: Project Teams category to require at least one tag from the Fedora Teams and Interest Groups tag group, and to not allow other tags at all — I didn’t want to make it too much more complicated.

I’ve changed this to also allow the Help & Feedback tags to be used (but they are not required). That way, you could tag something as #docs and #problem, and then mark it solved when the problem is resolved.

Since it seems like a non-dangerous experiment, I went ahead and did this already — that way, you can try it out. Note that when posting, you need a team tag first — the other tags will only show up after you’ve selected at least one of those.

What do you think?

Straw Poll: Should we enable Help & Feedback tags in the Project Teams category?
  • Yes, that would be helpful
  • No, that’s too complicated
  • No, but we should enable Solved in a different way
  • Maybe later, but not right now — too much at once!
  • Not sure, but we can try it
  • I just like to vote

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As usual, this is a straw poll, not a binding vote. If you have a different idea, please let us know!

Could you Please add #join?

I’m +1 in #help but not sure on #feedback → feedback is usefull when the feedback cause an actions and fixed in another other way is not usefull a lot.

Or you can doing something like this:

Site Help & Feedback Category

  • Help
  • Problem
  • Request
  • Idea
  • Guide
  • Feedback → add this aditional tag

Would be nice in this two too as you suggest…


Sorry, I’m not sure I understand completely. I guess my thinking is that “feedback” is covered by #problem and #idea (#suggestion also exists, but as an alias for #idea). If there is a category of potential feedback that’s not covered by those.

I guess we could add #praise:classic_smiley:

Do you want “Solved” turned on in the #join tag, or is it sufficient to add #help, #problem, #request, or #idea for #join topics that are “solvable”?

Okay, I’ve gone ahead and added these tags. I’ll add tag descriptions for them soon too.

@moderators and high-tl users: If you notice posts in the #project category which could use these tags added, feel free to do so!